Mini dredger KARP

Small machine for big work!

About us

SVIGA is a private industrial and commercial enterprise specializing in the construction of dredgers of the KARP brand. For more than 10 years, our products have been successfully used in Ukraine and abroad, when carrying out hydro-mechanized work of any complexity. We make available mini dredgers and help our clients achieve better results in the creation, deepening and cleaning of natural water reservoirs.

Why choose us?

Let us introduce you our dredgers: result of year-by-year development, together with never-ending improvement. Our dredger = best practices + best parts on the market.
Years of experience
For over 10 years we have worked with both private customers and large companies. All this gave a clear understanding of the needs of each client and the ability to provide the necessary equipment.
Individual approach
Every business has its own needs. We are always ready to customize our product to face your business needs and technical requirements.
Infinite improvement
Our highly qualified specialists with proven and reliable technology - this is the step that will allow you to complete and effectively solve the tasks set before you.

How it works

You Choose
Start with defining what dredger will satisfy your business needs.
We Help
Drop us an e-mail with the dredger name you've picked, and let us know if you have any other questions. Our managers will willingly help you.
Shake Hands
As all set up, we finalize the contract and send it for your review and signing.
Negotiation to define pre-payment amount. As soon as pre-payment done – we launch production process.
Our team constructs your dredger from the scratch, based on requirements we've agreed on in the contract.
We take care of documents needed for shipping. Using wagons for shipping allows us to deliver dredgers of any size.
Final Payment
Great ending of our collaboration: final payment from your side.

What will you get?

Clear understanding
The CARP mini dredger is simple, functional and reliable. We make it from the best materials and components. Its not so hard to work with them even if you do it first time.
You save your time and money
Specialists of our company will help you choose the right design and equipment for mini dredger, which will meet the most: the conditions of future operation, delivery method, the optimal cost.
Exceptional attitude
We will quickly produce, deliver and launch our mini dredger. We will conduct a briefing and a short course of study, as well as provide guarantees and implement further consulting support.

Mini dredger KARP

Mini dredger Karp are particularly effective in removing sand, silt, and that fluffy black stinky mud that has ruined your ability to enjoy your waterfront. It will be extremely useful in reservoirs with difficult or without access for trucks and building machines.

General characteristics

Baseline configuration

Price: $5000

Optional equipment

Our company can improve the mini dredger with additional equipment. We will calculate the cost and add all of it to the basic set before signing the contract.
Water cannon for pulp
Floats for floating slurry pulpline
Water cannon for sailing


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